From the Principal’s Desk

February 20th, 2010 by KarenHS68

Principal’s updates on the successes of the student body in accomplishing their educational goals.

Dear Alumni,

Thank you for all your support over the years, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Our school has expanded and grown by leaps and bounds. Enrollment is on an upward trajectory. We have approximately 80 students enrolled within our Universal Pre-K (UPK) program (which amounts to four classrooms). The new enrollment cycle has just begun and we hope to have up to two Kindergarten classes. SSS was awarded a special grant for our current Kindergarten classroom. With this grant, we could purchase classroom furniture, classroom materials, and secure additional personnel within our Kindergarten class. We are seeking support to acquire new materials for our new section of Kindergarten.

St. Simon Stock (SSS) is helping our students to: Learn. Lead. Inspire. That is the St. Simon Stock way! Since 1928 we have been inspiring responsible citizenship in the Catholic Tradition.

Over the years there have been many shifts and changes in education. However, SSS has been able to adapt and adjust to these changes. The value, quality, and benefit of a Catholic education has stood the test of time. We look forward to continuing to better the lives of the families we serve through a quality Catholic Education.

SSS has been an institution within this community. I was recently appointed to the Community Board. I will use this platform to advocate for students and families within this community. I will work with Community Board Members, Elected Officials, and non-profit groups to ensure that the needs of the community and our students are properly served.

Thank you again for your continued support. God Bless.


Kinsley R. Jabouin,
MPA, M.S. Ed.

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