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February 20th, 2010 by KarenHS68

The details of merging St Simon Stock and St Joseph are a little daunting at times. A small detail like opening up a bank account with a new parish name and ID number turned out to be a bank-changer. Our previous bank had all the data, including the new signed cards and the incorporation papers. Then the delay. Payday came. Delay. So we moved to another bank that could open an account immediately. Name, stationery, IDs for the staff – all has to be changed.

We hope that when St Joseph Church and rectory are demolished, that what will take its place will also serve the neighborhood and provide some space for meetings and school activities. Memories fade. Without the signposts. Some pieces of liturgical furniture (benches, statues, candelabras, etc) have gone to churches close and far (some of the benches went to Barahona, Dominican Republic this summer). We are also planning to bring the statues of Guadalupe and Juan Diego from the big garden on Washington to the smaller garden on 182nd Street. Symbols and signs: How do we combine the histories of two such long-standing parishes?

This year we have so many memories of alumni, even among the clergy. Fr Joseph Girzone (Sebastian), Fr Chris Byrne, Msgr Ansaldi. Norm Delaney, Gene Kramer, Danny Lyons, Helen Hill, John Dillon. All Souls Day or el dia de los muertos is a reminder to pray for each other in the communion of saints.

Congrats to some of our staff. Ms Letty Jacome completed her masters in nutrition education at Lehman and returned to Ecuador to change her visa from student to resident. Bro Paul is studying theology at Whitefriars Hall. Solanlly Hernandez has completed a course on computer technology. The director of religious education and one of our pastoral associates, Lourdes Victoria and Adelaida Ospina, completed their work and were enrolled as US citizens this summer. So we are pleased at the great work that is happening on staff too. St Simon Stock and St Joseph schools both harbor students from universal pre-k as well. We hope that some will also enroll in the school in the coming years. Thanks again to all the alumni who stay in contact. We cannot enroll online yet. We had problems a few years ago with names being hacked. The church is being repainted. God love you all. Merry Christmas

Fr. Nelson Belizario will comment on things in and around St. Simon Stock and share stories from alumni far and near. Check back often for a word or two from Father Nelson.

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